Book Reviews

Cortez gave an impassioned House floor speech Thursday to rail against GOP efforts to censor, ban and regulate books in public schools.
The Maryland Democrat pointed to a number of iconic books under threat of bans in a House floor speech.
The amount of challenges nearly doubled the previous record total set in 2021.
"Because of a handful of sentences among 281 pages, adults are going to considerable lengths to make sure kids don’t read my newest book."
Jodi Picoult and James Patterson, whose publications were on a list of books pulled from schools in the state, slammed the censorship and urged action.
In a high school library in Madison County, books by authors ranging from Toni Morrison to Stephen King are getting thrown out.
Nanny was the motivation for my second book, "We Are Not Broken." This is how she inspired me to empower other Black queer people.
The debate over the Patmos Library has continued weeks after it was successfully defunded, with one library staffer's remarks even going viral on TikTok.
Because you "don't say gay" under Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis' education crackdown.
A new poll from the National Education Association found voters were more concerned about school shootings, funding and book bans than CRT.