Book Reviews

What does a young chef need in the kitchen? We asked one of our favorite professional cooks and Instagram personalities.
Who says plant-based eating has to be hard? These cookbooks highlight recipes that prove the exact opposite.
The governor is under investigation to determine if he used state resources to write or promote the memoir.
"When you ban my book, you’re telling me that a child like mine doesn’t belong in your schools or your communities."
A police union complained to the school district that the book "Ghost Boys" is anti-police “propaganda.”
Two new books, Lauren Oyler's "Fake Accounts" and Patricia Lockwood's "No One Is Talking About This," try make sense of our lives with social media.
Including cookbooks for beginners, strainers that attach to pots and cutting boards with phone stands.
With Broadway on hold, the "Modern Family" star is enjoying time with his new son and preparing to release a cookbook of plant-based "flexitarian" recipes.
The former president's hotly anticipated book is packed with detail, thoughtfully written, and an unsatisfying defense of his early presidency.
The "New World Sourdough" author on his philosophy of making bread taste good, instead of ensuring it looks a certain way.