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"I am unwilling to stand by and watch while books are banned by schools,” the singer said.
The results from an election cycle widely viewed as a preview for 2024 are bad news for the group’s ultra-conservative agenda.
"A crime is being committed," an activist reportedly with Moms for Liberty told a sheriff's deputy while likening the young adult novel to "child pornography."
“Maybe being gay — something I’d always, on some level, known about myself — wasn’t as wrong, bad and shameful as I’d taught at home.”
The author's publicist slammed the "laughable" situation involving the children's picture book at an Alabama library.
The Sunshine State has been at the center of the conservative culture wars.
The list will be curated by the public, and individual local libraries will then decide whether or not to remove the books.
Conservatives want to stop children from reading books with themes on sexuality, gender, race and religion that they find objectionable.
H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger said whoever decided to use the software to pull his book from the Mason City school district is a "complete idiot."
Terri Lesley’s firing is a harbinger of what could come next, as versions of her story are replicated around the country.