Book Reviews

The Sunshine State has been at the center of the conservative culture wars.
The list will be curated by the public, and individual local libraries will then decide whether or not to remove the books.
Conservatives want to stop children from reading books with themes on sexuality, gender, race and religion that they find objectionable.
H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger said whoever decided to use the software to pull his book from the Mason City school district is a "complete idiot."
Terri Lesley’s firing is a harbinger of what could come next, as versions of her story are replicated around the country.
The law would have allowed criminal charges against librarians and booksellers for providing “harmful” materials to minors.
The former president warned that the censorship is antithetical to First Amendment freedoms and thanked librarians working "on the front lines."
"People’s remarks ranged from the hurtful to the dangerous... 'lock her up ― she’s indoctrinating our children,' and 'kill her on national television.'"
A Southern California school board had voted against an elementary school curriculum that included materials about gay rights leader Harvey Milk.
The school said the book, which the fifth-grade teacher had purchased at an in-school book fair, violated the state’s vague “divisive concepts” law.