Brad Pitt

Jolie's new ink has yet to be revealed in full — but the tattoo artist said it's "NOTHING related with Brad Pitt."
Dunst has been praised for the way that she stood her ground as a child star by repeatedly pointing out that it was “weird” and “gross” for her to have to kiss a grown man.
“Pitt is an actor, not a winemaker,” read a new court filing against the actor. “He deals in illusions, not dirt and grapes.”
The Academy Award-winning actor is reportedly set to drive at the site of the British Grand Prix in an upcoming Apple Studios movie.
Paltrow dated Pitt for three years after meeting on "Seven," and had a romance with Affleck before the "Good Will Hunting" star met Jennifer Lopez.
The country-pop singer made the switch during her performance at the People’s Choice Awards.
The "Babylon" actor recently said she improvised her kiss with her co-star because she wanted to take the "opportunity."
Martin Brundle got snubbed by the "Bullet Train" actor at the United States Grand Prix race.
In a new court filing, Jolie described an allegedly violent plane ride the couple took with their children in 2016.