Bradley Cooper

"The Hangover" star admits, “I don’t want to hurt people, but I do want to make them feel weird. There’s a fine line there.”
The "A Star Is Born" actress is moving on with co-worker Dan Horton after ending her engagement earlier this year.
The Russian supermodel walked in her first fashion show after calling it quits with the actor.
The supermodel shared images from Iceland after splitting from Bradley Cooper.
The "A Star Is Born" actor and the Sports Illustrated supermodel share a 2-year-old daughter.
The actor tells Ellen DeGeneres he'd love to re-team with Gaga and create a one-night-only experience for fans.
Happy 33rd birthday, Lady Gaga! Take a look at the incredible journey of this “A Star Is Born” singer and actor.
🎶 I wanna see you twirl in a Halloween store cloak 🎶
The actor later explained he's "only proud and happy" for the singer.
The Oscar-winning "A Star Is Born" star addressed speculation that the two are in love on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
The new version of the film shows Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga working on a duet called "Clover."
The "Shallow" co-writer told Ellen DeGeneres he's yet to wrap his head around what it means to win an Academy Award, though.
The singer took home the Best Original Song trophy for her duet "Shallow."
The "A Star Is Born" duo had only performed the song together live once before.
The actress said she is preparing for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance of "Shallow" at the Oscars.
The star surprised concertgoers with the performance after discussing how much she respects Lady Gaga.