'Breaking Bad'

Fans are wondering whether Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in the hugely popular TV series, will appear in the upcoming film.
Fans are anxiously anticipating how “Game of Thrones” will end. Many notable shows have struggled to deliver a satisfying ending, while others have surpassed expectations.
Vince Gilligan, creator of the iconic TV series, is said to be overseeing the full-length film.
The actor confirmed a movie is in the works, but claims he hasn't seen a script.
In 'Ozark,' as in 'Breaking Bad' and 'Weeds,' the drama, comedy and surprise depend on the families being white.
The "Breaking Bad" star will reportedly be a regular on the HBO sci-fi series.
Rhea Seehorn is here for all the upcoming surprises, comedy and tragedy.
The producer said that pre-"Breaking Bad," Cranston wasn't "scary enough to seem like a real drug dealer."
In an appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con, Paul talked about the traumatizing joke.
“It was fairly early on that a guy stood up and said, ‘Why is your character such a b***h?’”
“I saw my own daughter’s face come to light and die in front of me,” the actor said during a 10-year reunion with the cast.
He also likened Trump's personal attorney to a Nigerian Prince scam artist.
When Marie met Hank… Brandt: I met [Dean Norris] the first time when I came into meet with Vince. Dean was in the waiting