Britney Spears

In recent weeks, the pop star's family has been speaking out against claims that the conservatorship placed on the 38-year-old is holding her "hostage."
“I would never speak out just to clarify things to the public, when the person it pertains to does not want that to happen,” she wrote.
Her heartfelt speech hit a funny snag, but she rolled with it.
Chloe Fineman channeled the pop star in a parody ad for Masterclass Quarantine Edition.
The pop star gave a breathless account of the blaze that started with two candles.
The pop superstar called her ex of nearly 20 years a "genius" and danced to his song "Filthy."
The pop star's "My loneliness is killing me" lyric underwent a critical change in a cartoon message for World Health Day.
One of the show's stars, Doc Antle, was the handler for the tiger seen onstage with the pop star during her 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance.
The pop superstar's fracture is audible in her latest Instagram post, which drew condolences from the likes of Selma Blair and Adam Rippon.
You might think your coffee is strong... but is it stronger than yesterday?