Britney Spears

Asghari tied the knot with the pop star in June 2022. He filed for divorce just 14 months later.
"He’s such an amazing actor," the singer said in her caption on the Instagram photo.
Spears posted an Instagram message that sure seemed to be aimed at Timberlake after he took a defiant stance at a concert this week.
The standoffish intro at Wednesday's surprise show in New York City follows Britney Spears' criticism of Timberlake in her memoire.
Spears said sorry to anyone offended by her memoir, which included some major revelations about her ex-boyfriend.
Philipps vividly remembers her close friend getting the momentous call.
The pop star, in a lengthy Instagram post, weighed in on reports that she’s working on her first studio album in nearly eight years.
The pop star shared a snapshot of her scorched gym equipment.
The preface to the 2002 breakup song arrives after Britney Spears made revealing claims about her relationship with the singer in her new memoir.
“I wear my heart on my sleeve,” the pop star admitted.