Caitlyn Jenner

The NBA star earned laughs from the 1976 Olympic champion in a racy routine.
The supermodel made sure all eyes were on her after the Academy Awards.
Her oldest son, Burt, and girlfriend welcomed a baby boy last week.
"Sadly, I was wrong," Jenner wrote in a Washington Post Op-Ed as she criticized a Trump administration memo on gender definitions.
"We will not be erased!" the former Olympic gold medalist proclaimed.
Nonetheless, the trans icon said she was "very proud" of Kim Kardashian for meeting with the president.
The pair raised questions about the relationship by sharing an intimate moment on Instagram beforehand.
"To the soul that raised me," Kendall Jenner wrote in a touching collection of throwback pics.
And the likely reasons Americans rejected them.
Some see the U.S. group's move as problematic, given accusations of Israel using its LGBTQ rights record to "pinkwash" its treatment of Palestinians.
Ashlee Marie Preston has said she plans to address issues of police brutality and immigration.
The actress isn’t waiting for her debut on Ryan Murphy-helmed series Pose to speak her mind.
The reality star says she hasn't talked to Kim Kardashian in a year.