Carrie Prejean

Check out some celebrities who've already made anti-LGBT statements below: "We are looking for a new set of messengers," one
Publicist Angie Meyer told Fox News, "The pageant officials are intimidating contestants into answering questions a certain
My favorite was Pabst, a boxer mix adopted by Miles Egstad of Citrus Heights, California, who won the title several years
Boller described Prejean as "the most beautiful pregnant wife ever." Next week the couple plans to find out whether they
No member of the Texas State Board of Education has damaged the state's educational system more than the anti-intellectual Ken Mercer. And now, voters have the opportunity to put an end to his embarrassing actions.
Carrie Prejean has become a sort of anti-Susan Boyle. It isn't just that she's a bigot, per se. There is no shortage of bigots. They just usually don't wear tiaras.
Dethroned "biblically correct" beauty queen Carrie Prejean is about to do something that gays and lesbians can no longer
Or will the makers of Miss USA finally wise up and realize that the girls they're desperately trying to hold up as "savvy
I call for a boycott of all things Fox. It worked on Florida orange juice. Think I'm overreacting? Leave your gay-friendly, big city bubble for a minute.
By not defending Ashley's right to her opinion, the LGBT community plays into the hands of the National Organization for Marriage which is already using Ashley as a fundraising gimmick.
The self-proclaimed Miss Beverly Hills 2010, Lauren Ashley, recently made headlines with her strong (and dumb) views on homosexuality
Monica Lewinsky was the tip of the iceberg. It is not an exaggeration when I say that all you must do is let your orifices (orifii) run free and a media career is in your future.
The St. Louis Rams aren't playing in today's Super Bowl, but that didn't stop their quarterback from scoring big time. Scandal
It is my belief that outrageously hypocritical behavior demonstrated by conservative religious authorities is directly responsible for the surge in non-believers and those who shun organized religion.
Carrie Prejean! Are we still even allowed to be talking about her, this being Sarah Palin's appointed week in the media spotlight
Dear Maggie: I was shocked and dismayed to hear yesterday that your lead spokeswoman has starred in a sex video. Are you going to fire Carrie Prejean? Donald Trump did.
Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean are two peas in a pod. Both preening for the cameras, and unwilling to answer any question that forces them to process opinions different from their own.
The interview airs on Thursday's "Entertainment Tonight." "I won't even dignify it," he said. "I didn't ask anything wrong
"Why do you hate her so much?" Elisabeth asked Joy. WATCH: "She's the one who put herself out there, she didn't have to write
Carrie Prejean is having a bit of week, isn't she? I mean, one week you're the darling of the conservative movement, and the next thing you know, you're being called a hypocrite.