Carrie Underwood

Beyoncé topped Billboard’s country songs chart and became the first Black woman to do so ― but not without backlash.
"I never would’ve thought I’d see the day," the country singer said of her mom talking about tattoos.
The “American Idol” star said the two are always “pitted against each other.”
The Judds also reunited and Kelsea Ballerini turned a tough break into a one-woman house party.
The 38-year-old showed support for a tweet by Matt Walsh where he lambasts mask mandates in Tennessee schools as "utterly insane."
The singer and her husband, Mike Fisher, are parents to Isaiah and Jacob.
"You have all these mountaintops, but we hadn’t had a ton of valleys like this," Fisher said in a trailer for the couple's new series.
The singer, who has hosted the country music show for the last 12 years, shared a heartfelt post on social media about how it's time for her to step aside.
The country music star pulled the prank on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" ahead of the CMA Awards.
"It’s one of those things I do for me," the country singer told HuffPost.