The Casual Vacancy

Hedwig, we're not in Hogwarts anymore. The trailer for "The Casual Vacancy," J.K. Rowling's upcoming HBO miniseries, has
J.K. Rowling's first foray outside of the wizarding world was met with mixed reviews. Some thought The Casual Vacancy was
It sounds like HBO is set to have one magical summer. Rowling is set to serve as headmaster for the miniseries -- executive
For J.K. Rowling, the act of anonymity represented a big action -- she went to great lengths to remain behind the curtain of a pseudonym -- but it also was a way for her to appear small, and to give pleasure without the burden of fame.
"The Casual Vacancy," Rowling's latest novel, tells the story of the community of Pagford, divided and at war with one another
"Hey, how would you like to see Jo tonight?" Jo? Jo who? But then it dawned on me. Oh. My. Goodness. Jo. As in, Joanne "Jo" Rowling.
The pair shared a 15-minute conversation, which can be seen above and at, about everything from Star Wars
It was hard for me to love these characters. More than once, I thought of putting the book down because these characters are so real, so raw, that they become dislikable and at the same time, curiously familiar. They remind me of the neighbors Jesus calls me to love.
It is an excellent read. More importantly for me, though, it is the kind of book that I have dreamed about having the world's prominent authors write about: with Sikh characters and references, but as a normal, ordinary part of the narrative, not in the form of lectures and essays.
The news that J.K. Rowling would publish a novel for adults was greeted generally in predictable ways: with excitement, trepidation and skepticism in equal measures.