Brett Maneri helped save Mia, who was found hiding in the rubble of the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando shelter.
"i love when my cat purrs for no reason. she’s just happy to be here."
"We wish the cat the best in his remaining eight lives," said a tweet from Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.
"i woof and bark at my dog when he’s woofing and barking at me and i just hope i’m not calling him any dog slurs by accident"
"Normalize talking to your cat like a human."
"I love my little cat i wish he could wear sweatpants or drive a car but it’s okay that he can’t. Like it’s fine"
"If I don’t tell my cat he is handsome every time I see him then he might forget"
"Do you think my dog remembers the guy I was dating for the first few years I had him and if so, do you think my dog thinks I killed him?"
The entire stadium cheered for the kitty even as it delayed the ballgame by evading would-be captors.
Former security guard Steve Bouquet was convicted of the brutal attacks on cats in the English city of Brighton.