"Every type of italian sausage is a good name for a cat, every type of german sausage is a good name for a dog."
"Trying to take a picture with your cat is like eating soup on a rollercoaster."
Shop hypoallergenic shampoo bars, sensitive skin-friendly formulas and shampoos just for shedders.
"It isn’t talking to yourself if there is a dog around"
Experts haven't determined how the drug got into the animal's system.
“My kids didn’t drop any food on the floor during dinner, and I’ve never seen our dog look so sad.”
These tools are no match for stubborn pet hair stuck on furniture, carpets or clothes.
"I tell my cat 'I know' whenever he meows but I’ll be honest, I have no idea."
The newly retired quarterback showed off his softer side.
“I think he was very excited to leave the shelter and be held again,” his new family said.