Nancy Segula was previously sentenced to 10 days in jail for illegally feeding cats in her Garfield Heights, Ohio, neighborhood.
The procedure, which involves amputating part of a cat's toes, will still be legal in cases where it's medically necessary for the cat.
Oklahoma City Animal Welfare is asking people to "storm the shelter," luring adopters with dogs clad in tinfoil hats.
Pakistani politico Shaukat Yousafzai may have come up with a novel way to spread his message even further than he intended.
The practice, which actually involves amputating part of a cat’s toes, is already illegal in much of Europe.
The "chief mouser" sat underneath the president's limo and reportedly refused to move during his state visit to the U.K.
The "My Cat From Hell" host also talked about how everyone can improve their relationship with their cats.
The celebrity cat's death has inspired cat owners to post pics using the hashtag #tweetagrumpyfaceforgrumpycat.
The famous feline, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, died following complications from a recent urinary tract infection.
The cat, Benjamin Button, seems right at home with the pop star.
"The Late Show" host bared his claws interpreting a study about whether household cats recognize their names.
Some good news for those worried about the fate of the WikiLeaks founder's pet.
Animal behavior experts say the study shows cats pay attention to what you say and they're learning from it.
Reports about the agency's research on the Toxoplasma gondii parasite sparked major public backlash.
Buddy, aka Big Sexy, took off during a shoot for a calendar honoring New York City's firefighters and first responders.
Fluffy the cat made a full recovery after being warmed with hair driers and warm towels — and a stint in the emergency room.
Pet owners took their animals to church to mark the feast of St. Anthony, the protector of animals.
The story is pretty kooky, but critics pointed out how it highlights the significant income disparity in the Bay Area.