Animal lovers have mobilized to bring food and water to the felines of Furtada Island after COVID-19 made previous support dry up.
"Me: *is allergic to cats* Also me: *rubs face with cat* *boops cat nose* *sleeps right next to cat*"
Cat lovers have long suspected they could communicate with felines via the slow-blink. New research suggests they're right.
"Friend: Your house smells like wet dog. Me: Thanks. It’s because I hug him when I cry."
We can agree that dogs and cats are the cutest distractions.
“I just spent 15 minutes liking photos of dogs on Instagram. Time well spent.”
There have been four mountain lion attacks on children in California over the past 16 months.
"My cat doing a hundred annoying things in the background while I'm WFH is still not as bad as the times my coworker clipped his fingernails at his desk."
It's a good summer for the big cats who already have to deal with development, traffic, poisons and wildfires.
“Quarantine day 15 is having a conversation with your cat about how lucky she is that she doesn’t get her period.”