Celebrity Breakups

The star Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback talked about the "challenging situation" of his high-profile split from Gisele Bündchen.
The couple have reportedly ended their relationship after more than four years together.
The couple first met in 2011 when the "Gilmore Girls" star made a guest appearance on “Mad Men."
"The O.C." alum jokingly shared a NSFW revelation about her past romance with the "Barry" star.
The couple found that their demanding schedules made it really difficult to maintain a relationship, a source told E! Online.
The comedy star confessed she and Koy had been experiencing issues for "some time."
The couple got married in 2018 after only dating for a few weeks. They share a 1-year-old son.
"Please continue to root for both of us, because you never know what life will bring," Handler wrote.
The "Full House" star revealed one big clue that the musician was singing about him on her "Jagged Little Pill" album.
Donald Trump's former White House adviser told People that “love must come with respect and ... a modicum of class and dignity.”