Celebrity Couples

Some fans mistook Reeves' companion Alexandra Grant for the Oscar winner.
The actors spoke candidly about how their intense relationship set the stage for Shepard’s relationship with Kristen Bell, whom he began dating shortly after.
The couple made their relationship official on Instagram earlier this week.
"The Crown" star, 53, has since started dating 32-year-old Rye Dag Holmboe.
The celebrity couple's love story just took an even more romantic turn when Legend changed his flight to be with Teigen because she wasn't "feeling like myself."
The singer declared that the 22-year-old is "my type" after a few flirty Instagram exchanges.
The actress' outfit for the "America’s Got Talent” Season 14 live show featured a print of the basketball star's face when he was a child.
"The Hunger Games" star expressed his thoughts about their recent separation on Instagram.
The "Havana" singer wished the 21-year-old a happy birthday on Instagram after the two were seen making out at a party the night before.
"We were both married before, and it’s not the same in your 30s,” the "Never Really Over" singer said in a radio interview.
The musician gets Instagram self-awareness points for nodding to his checkered dating history.
Mackenzie Bezos will receive $38.3 billion worth of Amazon stock, Bloomberg News reported.
The musician claimed the two dated when Portman was in college and he was 33 years old. She vehemently disagrees.
She's "pretty cool; it's hard to have any complaints," Jost has said of his now-fiancé.
The actress told Women's Health that kids were the "furthest thing from her mind" until she met Gosling while filming "The Place Beyond the Pines."
The process even involved the former Yankees star's assistant.
"You came into this world on this day and lit it on fire," the actor said in the sweet message.
The Netflix series' culinary guru told Andy Cohen he used Instagram to connect with beau Trace Lehnhoff.