Chadwick Boseman

The late actor was among a list of entertainers selected for the 2024 class.
As the cast grieved Chadwick Boseman, the actor says it was important to give the characters that space, too.
The “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” star spoke about losing her on-screen brother.
There is one particular scene and color that costume designer Ruth E. Carter hopes will make people feel like part of the movie experience.
The filmmaker remembered how “tired” the beloved late actor was during their phone conversation just weeks before his death.
“I can’t believe that I was so lucky,” she said. “I can’t believe that I got to love this person. And I also got them to love me too.”
While writing the sequel, the director shared how he stayed "tapped in" with the late actor's family, collaborators and wife, Taylor Simone Ledward.
The director powerfully honored the late actor at the premiere of the "Black Panther" sequel.
The actor didn’t know about Boseman’s death until she received a message from Oscar-winner Viola Davis.
"I didn't know if I could make another movie period, [let alone] another Black Panther movie," the filmmaker told Entertainment Weekly.