Charlize Theron

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the "Bombshell" actor said she's eager to take on a diversified version of the action franchise after a fan suggested it.
The actor, 62, told Drew Barrymore why she's off the market — for good.
Any potential romantic partner would need to "come with a lot of game," the actor said.
The “Old Guard” star celebrated her 45th birthday alongside her daughters Jackson and August.
“I made it a point to out-drive all of those guys," Theron said.
"The Old Guard" star got emotional over her girls' growing activism after a "heartbreaking" conversation.
The Charlize Theron-starring "The Old Guard" tops the list.
“It’s a tough one to swallow," she said of director George Miller's decision to cast a younger actor in the role.
Another Rachel McAdams movie joins Netflix with the Oscar-winning "Spotlight."
Charlize Theron, Zac Efron and Michael Jordan join Netflix this month.