Chaz Bono

On International Transgender Day Of Visibility, we highlight the victories of trans rights pioneers.
"I didn't live my life as a girl," he says.
"We get ... thought of as we're trying to hoodwink other people by being something we're not."
What we see in the media matters. Narratives that include well-rounded transgender characters are important because they help us feel less alone and reveal more expansive endings than the ones we may previously have envisioned for ourselves.
Being authentic and true to myself was my decision and now I live in my own truth. My sisters and brothers lets strive to be the best citizens we can be and show our communities we are just people trying to live in our own truth.
The transgender movement is taking force, with more media visibility of transgender people and for the transgender movement. Katie Couric had Laverne Cox back on her show to apologize for the first interview and talk about the real issues that transgender people face.
2014-04-15-20140415ExtraLapRecap609DarienneElephantJohnPollysmall.jpgCher's family, Paula Abdul and a bunch of jungle creatures invaded RuPaul's Drag Race this week. Let's discuss the shenanigans, chickens!
Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury Harry Shum Jr. as George Takei This was a well-known project that was in development
Clearly Bradley Manning has created a stir by asking to be referred to as Chelsea Manning from now on. There is going to be a debate over whether she helped or hurt the cause of the transgender community to be more understood and accepted.
The 44-year-old has been up-front and candid about his weight loss in the past. In May, he spoke about losing 65 pounds and
Wow, Chaz Bono, you look incredible! Just a month ago, Cher's son opened up about his 65-pound weight loss, saying how happy
That's the spirit, girl! You show Winona some Birthday moves! 67 years young! Can you believe it? Never stop, Cher! We love
Every day is Mother's Day to Cher -- and sister Georganne LaPiere. Their beautiful 86-year-old mom, Georgia Holt, knows a little something about being a loving mother, caring for her two daughters between eight marriages -- and standing alone, quite often, as a single parent during their childhood.
This week it was murder on the dance floor as the queens traded pumps for ballet flats! Along the way we saw a twist in the Coco-Montrese-vs.-Alyssa-Edwards drama, a queen shut down for favoring caftans, and one of the most dramatically dishy eliminations in Drag Race herstory!