Chelsea Handler

Handler, who Carlson recently called an "aging, deeply unlikable woman who never had kids," made sure to mention the right-winger in her post.
The comic promised to keep triggering the Fox News host.
Tucker Carlson's guest, Jesse Kelly, had a meltdown in disbelief that a woman could be happily childless.
"Remember when people used to dress up?” asked the comedian. “Now it’s just like camel toe, feet — disgusting.”
The comedian offers a scathing prediction for the lying Republican lawmaker.
“It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last time," she admitted.
Handler fires back at the conspiracy theorist lawmaker's odd new complaint.
Let’s just say the single actors are not swiping right on photos of men holding fish or those who claim they’re “entrepreneurs.”
"It just became clear that this was not my person," Handler recalled of the split in an appearance on Brooke Shields' podcast this week.