Chelsea Handler

Comedians Kevin Hart and David Spade also said their goodbyes ahead of DeGeneres' final talk show episode.
Here are some comments from celebrities we find hard to believe.
This week, the rapper-turned-entertainment mogul announced he was voting for Trump — even though the president “doesn’t like black people” — due to Biden’s tax plan.
The 78-year-old praised the comedian's beauty but also said, "I do think my pool is a little bit prettier than yours."
"I loved this nugget in a big way," the former talk show host wrote of the actor in a moving Instagram message.
The comedian just released a Netflix documentary that explores the issue.
The comedian’s idea also references another one of the GOP’s favorite pastimes.
The comedian explains her, um, heated take on the special counsel to Ellen DeGeneres and in a new book.
With just two days until the midterm elections, now is the time for Americans to get out and vote.