Chris Evans

The actor revealed in a recent podcast that he had panic attacks on set and, at one point, wasn't sure that acting was "the right thing for me."
Chris Evans, Alyssa Milano and Mark Hamill joined conservatives, lawmakers and others in calling out the president's coronavirus comments.
The Captain America actor calls out the president for leaving a press conference without taking questions from the media.
The actor gave his beloved dog Dodger his very own cable-knit sweater, not unlike the one that took the internet by storm this year.
Apparently, all you need to know about the “Captain America” star’s new movie “Knives Out” is sweater, according to Twitter.
The actors played "Know Your Bro" with Jimmy Fallon and viewers got to know too much.
Captain America goes viral with a rallying cry to get more people involved.
The Captain America actor uses a classic film image to describe the network's hypocrisy.