Chris Evans

The "Truth Hurts" singer also said ghosting isn't OK, but admits that she's done it anyway.
“WAIT A DAMN MIN,” the "Truth Hurts" singer declared on TikTok after seeing her facial features blended with those of the "Avengers" actor.
The singer just took a DNA test and it turns out her fake baby is 100% Captain America's.
The "Iron Man" star honored his 52-year-old "brother" with a heart-wrenching post that was seconded by many in the Marvel Universe.
The actor's friends couldn't have been less impressed with him becoming a superhero.
After breaking Thanos, Captain America decided to break Twitter, too.
Marvel star Anthony Mackie reveals that elderly Captain America was originally going to look a bit different.
"I'm gonna need you to stop making me fall in love with you," one fan wrote.