Chris Rock

The late-night comedian told radio host Howard Stern what he would have done differently had he been hosting this year's Oscars ceremony.
"I found that I couldn’t act," Bale told IndieWire, so he had to "isolate" himself from Rock.
The comic also said he has one hope for Smith moving forward, "whatever the consequences are."
The comic opened up about Will Smith's video apologizing for the Oscars slap.
The comedian said returning to the awards show would be like returning to the scene of a crime.
The actor's latest Instagram message comes three weeks after his video apology to Chris Rock.
The actor offered a peace sign to photographers in the first public outing with his wife since slapping Chris Rock at the awards show.
The actor broke his silence about the slap and apologized to Chris Rock in July.
The singer is breaking her silence on her father's infamous confrontation with Chris Rock at the awards show.
“This is clearly something that bothers Will more than Chris. Will needs to deal with his issues. Chris is fine," one insider told