Chris Rock

“It was like the old times, you know, just caravanning across the country,” the musician said. Rains had stranded thousands at the annual desert fest.
The sun has set on comedians like Marlon Wayans, Mo'Nique and Chris Rock, whose latest offerings were lackluster. Black Gen X comedy has nothing new to say.
Rock, who has twice hosted the awards ceremony, took aim at the motion picture academy while praising Sandler's career.
“I cannot tell you how many Will Smith jokes we had that then we got rid of," said Molly McNearney.
"Do what you did last year — nothing," Kimmel said, preparing the audience in case any on-stage violence might occur.
Rock's joke surrounding his 2016 Oscars hosting gig didn't go as planned during Saturday's live Netflix special.
Chris Rock finally took the stage, a year after the slap heard 'round the world, and proved that his humor hasn't grown a bit.
A steamy drama and a true crime docuseries are also trending on the streaming service.
Apparently, the actor didn't hear what the comedian said about him on his new Netflix special.
The comedian dragged the duchess in a bold take on Harry and Meghan's royal grievances.