Chrissy Teigen

Coronavirus-era isolation led to the beautiful ceremony between her daughter Luna's stuffed sheep and rabbit.
The "Lip Sync Battle" host's banana bread swap with comedian Chris Klemens adhered to coronavirus pandemic protocol.
“F**k your swab pain,” the cookbook author tweeted in response to the president’s complaints, talking about her “vaga**hole.”
Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Justin Timberlake and a few other big names made the cut.
The model and cookbook author responded to a widely criticized Twitter photo from the president's daughter showing herself and her kids in a blanket fort.
The “High School Musical” star apologized for an Instagram rant about how "people are going to die" in the global pandemic.
The "Bring the Funny" judge bemoaned her monthslong ordeal, before relief arrived in a simple solution.
The model-turned-cookbook author said she was let go from three modeling roles during her career.
The "Cravings" cookbook author said she wants the implants "out now" in a new interview with Glamour UK.
The 98 Degrees member hosts the new Netflix show alongside his wife and has made waves after introducing himself to the cast as "obviously Nick Lachey.”
The "Bring the Funny" judge is the latest celeb to show off how the other half stocks its shelves.
From ceremony to reception, these ladies brought the glamour.
John Legend weighed in when a commenter mocked her teenage eyebrow style.
The singer had raised eyebrows and a great reaction upon hearing his daughter, Luna, call him by his first name instead of "Dad."
"Trying to be zen," she wrote during a two-hour wait, but the tension became so unbearable that even Chrissy Teigen got involved.
Teigen and husband John Legend have added an adorable little furball to their family.
The singer and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, are parents to Luna and Miles.
The couple made themselves at home during the momager's off-the-walls Christmas dinner party.
Ever wondered how A-listers get through the airport? Do they read gossip stories about each other? How they get their chores done in public?
An Instagram user told the model and cookbook author to "cover up" in front of her child.