Chrissy Teigen

The president’s POTUS account stopped following her shortly after, prompting the model to post yet another funny tweet.
The model and cookbook author experienced a pregnancy loss last fall.
She also had one request for President-elect Joe Biden after being "blocked by the president for four years."
The song lyrics down her spine were inked by celebrity tattooist Winter Stone.
The model and cookbook author -- who has urged fans to read “Quit Like a Woman,” Holly Whitaker's book on sobriety -- spent the evening playing games.
As COVID-19 rages on, take the time to congratulate your own parenting wins.
The model and cookbook author expressed frustration over still having a bump three months later, and she revealed it would be her last pregnancy.
The "Cravings" author shared a photo of her son Miles having a mini-meltdown, and parents loved it.
The couple opened up about grief, support systems and giving back during the holiday season.