Comedy Central

Comedy Central is right back where they started — but not before they could waste Roy Wood Jr.'s time.
It’s been one of the Florida governor’s strangest struggles as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination.
The show's longtime correspondent said he wants to figure out what’s next in his career since he wasn’t offered the position of host after Trevor Noah's departure.
The Comedy Central show put the royal couple on blast.
Noah replaced previous host Jon Stewart seven years ago.
Noah, who has anchored "The Daily Show" for seven years, announced his departure as host last month.
Amy Schumer is one of comedy's strongest voices today, and she uses it as a source of strength for herself when times are tough.
The comedian, talk show host and political influencer is the 23rd recipient of the award.
He was a "super fan" of "Saturday Night Live," even as a "little kid," Key told the audience.
“Thanks for sticking with us through one whole year without a studio or haircuts,” the "Daily Show" captioned the clip.