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Chicago The Windy City is one of the funniest places on earth. (Credit those hard scrabble winters for bringing folks together
I understand comedy clubs and booking agents fighting for territory, but I think it's a losing path. Comedy clubs and booking agents need to work hand-in-hand to promote comedy, and support comedians.
As great as he was on stage, his offstage actions made a believer of a teenager who was celebrating his first night as a comedy club owner back in 1979. It was a first encounter I will never forget.
Atlantic City NJ has been compared to Las Vegas' younger, smaller, less glamorous sister, but Jersey Shore fans are quick to point out one glaring and crucial difference.
Dave Brenner was in our living room with remarkable regularity, a saturation level I've never seen equaled since. He was a guest on the Tonight Show, he hosted the Tonight Show, he was on Merv Griffin, he was on Mike Douglas (for weeks at a time), he was on game shows... and, it seemed to me, always with new material. That kind of prolific consistency takes a lot of hard work and dedication -- something I sensed would hit home with my dad.
I am issuing a challenge to our nation's stand-up comedians. Before you accept, I suggest you call, email, text and tweet the best joke writers you know because you're going to need them. Ready?
The index compiles the prices of various humorous indicators. Also on the rise is the cost of rubber chickens. A dozen sold
In every service industry, there is always a customer who, despite having never done the job on which they feel the need to offer critique, gives instructive thoughts on how exactly they think it could be better done. Stand-up comics are no exception.
And on a side note, if you haven't voted for the "Shaun of the Dead" Lego collection yet, you should really go and do that
You know all of those comedy shows, movies, books, specials, albums and podcasts that your friends can't believe you haven't seen and which they swear will change your life? Well, we've got a long list of them, too. So we're taking a cue from our friends over at HuffPost Books, who recently launched an awesome book club, and starting the HuffPost Comedy Club.
Hey everyone, this is where we'll be discussing what show, special, book or album you think we should make our next HuffPost
A bit about the editors who will be discussing the series with you: Hello, HuffPost Comedy Club members! We're here to discuss
Ross Luippold, Associate Comedy Editor I have never seen "Spaced" before, but I did have an unhealthy obsession with "Star
The British writer/actor will be rendered unrecognizable by motion-capture animation in Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures
Joe Cornish's Attack the Block is neatly pulled off with a surprising bit of depth, and worth checking out on its homevid release.
Paul is a comedy adventure film about two British sci-fi geeks who stumble across an alien. Recently, Paul's star and co-writer Simon Pegg, along with the director Greg Mottola, sat down to talk about the film.
At least, that's what we assume; we never studied marketing. But if we're right, then this proposed KFC Commercial by one
However, this is not enough. And while I can't believe I have to beg giant corporations to give me more opportunities to
If you're familiar with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's hilarious movies or their cult TV show "Spaced," you probably know that