The brown diamond ring made its debut appearance at San Diego Comic-Con.
The actor and comedian celebrated his upcoming role in Marvel's "The Eternals."
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"Endgame" earned an estimated $2.79 billion in worldwide revenue in just 13 weeks, surpassing “Avatar’s” $2.789 billion.
"IT'S THE PERFECT CASTING!!!" one fan tweeted in response to Marvel's announcement at San Diego Comic-Con.
The Oscar-winning actress held up the mighty hammer during Saturday's Marvel panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.
The actress will appear in the upcoming superhero film to be helmed by “The Rider” director Chloé Zhao.
The cast of the HBO show cast doubt on the divisiveness of Season 8 during a panel in San Diego.
Attendees could donate up to $5 for the chance to pose with a giant inflatable President Trump in a diaper.
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