White residents tend to use police to enforce their unspoken social norms.
“I hope his memory inspires more good work in Crenshaw and communities like it,” the former president's letter read.
The NBA star recognized the slain community activist who he said, "actually gave back to his community."
“Vulnerability is scary. I associate bravery with vulnerability because it takes bravery to be vulnerable,” the Brooklyn wellness expert says.
Italy-based Fairbnb intends to invest half its profits back into the community.
Chicago community organizer William Calloway said the ex-officer deserves to "spend the rest of his life behind bars."
A new, more just world doesn’t just happen sometime in the future. It’s something we must create now.
Are you seeing anything across the country that is encouraging? It’s important that we acknowledge the fact that every social
This Ohio police officer is being hailed for his split-second decision when confronting two boys who were holding a replica handgun.
The President spoke fondly of the controversial law enforcement tactic as he advocated its use on the streets of Chicago.
At least one teenager died and another 10 people were injured in the incident.
Lucy Lou served her community for eight years and even ran for U.S. president.
Including the "inside jokes" he put in "The Hangover" during his wife's cancer battle.
“In our community, there are a lot of us, but it’s an unspoken thing.”
What is it about Donald Glover that makes him so uniquely Donald Glover?
Just like the problem is intersectional, so too are the solutions to strengthen and protect our communities.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it wants to be a strong partner for rural communities in the grip of the opioid epidemic.
Modern theology not only perpetuates the abuse of women, but it preserves toxic masculinity in the church.