“Pride is more than just one month. It's more than just a festival. I live proud every single day.”
Now we know why Mandalorians always keep their helmets on.
Some feel the government is urging people to return to work as a “creeping herd immunity” tactic putting minority workers disproportionately at risk.
The Associated Press obtained a 63-page document from the CDC which stresses planning for future virus flareups.
An illustration series from HuffPost about life under the coronavirus quarantine.
Two high school students have banded together with other teenagers in their community to help seniors during the coronavirus pandemic.
These Facebook groups prohibit exchanging money and bartering, but they reduce waste and build communities.
"It’s forced me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, unpopular and unliked ... while wondering whether my family might suffer for my decision."
Native American children have been removed from their families and communities for generations. Which is why in 1978 Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act (or ICWA), a law which sets standards for the placement of Native children in foster or adoptive homes. But now, some non-Native families are challenging the constitutionality of ICWA, posing a grave threat to Native American families and communities across the country.
White residents tend to use police to enforce their unspoken social norms.