Courtney Love

Cool kids Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk also had quite the special officiant, according to court docs obtained by TMZ.
In June, Love blasted the Disney star as "rude" following a photo shoot that bore similarities to the cover art for Hole's 1994 album, "Live Through This."
The former Hole singer accused the Disney star of ripping off the iconic cover art of her band's 1994 album, "Live Through This."
"And shame on Lily James whoever the f**k she is," the singer wrote about the star of the upcoming Hulu series.
Her former son-in-law's lawsuit says he was attacked in an attempt to regain possession of Kurt Cobain's iconic “Unplugged” guitar.
"I'll get libeled if I say it," Love says before offering her tip to aspiring actresses.
The Soundgarden singer was laid to rest on Friday at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.