Cute Animals

A compilation of cats bullying people.
Don't tell these cats that they aren't turtles.
The urge you feel to pinch a baby's chubby cheek has a name: cute aggression. And it's more common than you might think.
A whale filmed playing with a rugby ball is Hvaldimir, the beluga in Norway some speculate escaped from the Russian military.
Netflix and the Fab Five gave this pup a makeover for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.
A koala took a break from the heat in a man’s air conditioned car, and refused to leave!
Kratu, a dog who was rescued from a dangerous situation, doesn’t let his past — or a competition — stop him from having fun.
One of the cubs has black fur with black rosettes, making her particularly rare.
Get pumped for the big game this year with some puppy overload.