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I struck oil on the latest Nostalgia Theater show, as TV icon Patrick Duffy joins me for the hour to discuss his long career
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter After her 11-year run on "Dallas" ended, Tilton went on to appear in guest roles
Judith Light joins HuffPost Live to discuss what we can learn from the transgender community.
Duffy now stars as Ewing on TNT's version of "Dallas," which just began its third season and follows the next generation
"Dallas" premieres Feb. 24 at 9 p.m. EST on TNT. TNT rebranded a gas station at 466 10th Avenue in Manhattan as an Ewing
To hold you over until Feb., check out the show's official Instagram account, which posts set photos from the upcoming season
"I'm optimistic about a Season 3, but only based on the fact that I don't believe that the directors, writers and actors
Meanwhile, Cliff was framed for J.R.'s murder down in Mexico. But a graveside reveal by Bobby toward the end showed that
Tonight on "Dallas‘" two-hour season finale (TNT, 9 p.m. ET), viewers find out who shot J.R.(Larry Hagman), whether the Ewings
Find out how it plays out on "Dallas" every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT. The plotting and scheming on "Dallas" reached epic
"If we can’t pump oil, we can’t pay the fine or the bank," Sue Ellen said. Then came the big one. The Ewings received information
Since the passing of Larry Hagman, there have been plenty of familiar faces traipsing across the screen on "Dallas." The
"You are just as sadistic as J.R. ever was," Val told her. Sue Ellen had called Val to come to Dallas because Gary was nosing
Particularly moving were the tributes to J.R. from his brother Bobby and Sue Ellen. "You were the love of my life," she said
"I've known many people who have the addiction, and in that moment when he passed, that was the appropriate time, so the
The "Dallas" cast has been open about their struggle with Hagman's passing. "I knock on his trailer door every morning," Patrick
When an accident jeopardizes her unborn twins while Dallas dad Cliff Barnes is out of town, Ewing outcast Pamela Rebecca
"I’m proud of you. You’re my son. From tip to tail," J.R. told John Ross. But before the conversation ended, John Ross heard
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"I never go looking for a fight, but when one finds me I sure as hell finish it, and they are in for the fight of their lives