DC Comics

Batman villain Harley Quinn is finally coming to the big screen.
‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa danced the Haka dance at the premiere of his new movie.
If that doesn't work out, the actor is ready to switch superhero teams and join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Clark Kent’s son Jon Kent, who has inherited the Superman mantle, will kiss a male friend in an upcoming issue.
The "Justice League" director had a one-word response.
Twitter was not tongue-tied when news broke that the show “Harley Quinn” originally had a scene where the caped crusader performed oral sex.
Emerald Fennell has been tapped to write the script for the big-screen debut of the beloved comic book character.
The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign worked, and the resulting film is often bombastically excessive — but certainly more interesting than the theatrical cut.
"I felt it was important that viewers could tell by the silhouette that Batwoman was a Black girl," said Javicia Leslie, the first Black actor to play the superheroine.