The slugger told Jimmy Fallon he stayed in New York for the love of four-legged besties (and $360 million).
"how do people have the nerve to throw a party when they don’t have a single cat in any bedroom"
The late night host explained why the lying lawmaker is "literally a ‘Scooby-Doo’ villain" now.
The New York congressman allegedly raised $3,000 for the service dog's surgery and disappeared, Patch reports.
"Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels," wrote Idaho's Caldwell Fire Department.
"Cat ownership is hearing a single soft *clink* from across the house and yelling GET AWAY FROM THE BUTTER."
“They made absolutely no effort whatsoever,” the Monmouth County SPCA told HuffPost of the owners, who have been charged with animal cruelty.
"I love cats that look bewildered all the time they’re just 👀👀⁉️‼️❓👀👀❓‼️"
"the 'I love my dog so much 🥺🥺🥺' to furiously googling 'how long do goldendoodles live' pipeline"
"Over the years, we have seen the miraculous transformations that can happen when dogs in foster care receive the medical attention and care they need."