"I love when cats just straight up loaf with no limbs to be found :)"
Directors Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw embedded themselves among enigmatic Italian practitioners to make "The Truffle Hunters."
Ryan Fischer recalled being shot as he tried to prevent the pop star's French bulldogs from being stolen on a Los Angeles street last week.
People loved that the “One Night in Miami” director’s pup, Cornbread, crashed her Golden Globes preshow interviews … and proceeded to snooze.
A woman brought the two French bulldogs to the LAPD’s Olympic Community Police Station.
"If you don't tell your cat 'big yawn' when they do a big yawn that's neglect."
A gunman shot the pop singer’s dog walker and stole two of her French bulldogs.
"The whole family is upset," the singer's father said.
The favorite choices for dogs and cats have some overlap with the most popular baby names over time.
Meet Malakai, the dog who managed to make himself very clear.