"I never gave up, I never lost hope," said owner Carole King.
At least 10 dogs have perished from medical problems. The State Department sent more, a federal report said.
"My wife and I have taken four photos together in the last two years, meanwhile we have 93 photos of our dog sleeping since last week."
National Mill Dog Rescue faces the threat of losing its license in what officials say is a warning to similar operations.
Dozens have died so far and authorities aren't sure if it is a contagious condition or just a series of individual cases.
"I need more money so I can give my dogs the backyard they deserve."
Chella Phillips brought the dogs into her Nassau home as the storm lashed the Bahamas.
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Trump is famously dog-averse. But as presidential pet owners have found, owning a dog makes you relatable like nothing else can.
Monte, a dog who came to Hollywood by way of a New Mexico animal shelter and an Arizona rescue group, will play the titular Tramp in the remake.
Adorable photographs of the dogs in training have gone viral.
"There's no excuse for dumping puppies," said a Riverside County animal services officer after the crime was captured by a surveillance camera.
93 people have been infected by the bacteria, including 20 who had to be hospitalized.
From Bosties to bulldogs, find out how much you'll be shelling out once you bring Fido home.
Oklahoma City Animal Welfare is asking people to "storm the shelter," luring adopters with dogs clad in tinfoil hats.
Razz Berry the dog was dropped at California's Riverside County Animal Services covered in fleas, but now she's living the good life.
National Mill Dog Rescue claims to be a savior for dogs in desperate need of help. A HuffPost investigation shows that is not always the case.
Questionable practices inside the high-profile nonprofit National Mill Dog Rescue are not what most people expect "rescuing" to be.
RuPaul and fellow canine hero Louie sprang to their owner's defense when a man attacked her in a cemetery.