Researchers who described the incredible scene also said that the reptiles appeared drawn to marigold flowers.
"if i were a cat i’d be scared and puffed up all the time"
Because, truly, our pets are like our children — our messy, needy, four-legged children.
"On todays flight I met a cat flying in first class who will be walking in NY and Paris fashion weeks. Life is a bountiful buffet."
Four breeds of dogs are currently banned in the U.K., including the pitbull terrier, the Japanese tosa, the dogo Argentino and the fila Brasileiro.
"if we were cats you’d b the love of my nine lives"
The heavy metal band said the animal “snuck out of her home” and made her way into their gig at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium.
"No one is living a better life than the dog of a married couple who have decided not to have kids."
Your dog would thank you for buying these if they could speak.