After Guinness World Records named Bobi the dog the "oldest dog ever," many people doubted that the Portuguese pet was really 31.
"love when a dog has a stupid name. what do you mean this idiot answers to Typewriter"
"can’t explain it but travis kelce has ginger cat energy"
Your furry friend could be subtly telling you that something is wrong. Don't ignore these red flags.
Connie the container dog, who was trapped inside a shipping container for more than a week before the Coast Guard found her, is pregnant.
"too many white cats being named things like snowball or marshmallow. what about freaky ass white boy"
Coast Guard officers were selecting shipping containers for random inspection when they heard a strange scratching sound.
Because forcing a Chihuahua and a Dobermann to take a bath are two entirely different levels of challenging.
"Garfield hating Mondays without having a job is stolen valor."
"my dog would freak tf out if she knew she was made of bones"