Dr. Seuss

"I think we have a consequence culture, and that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in this society," the "Reading Rainbow" host explained.
"While I struggled with the denouncement of books like 'The Jungle Book' and 'Little House on the Prairie,' I also found myself experiencing an awakening."
Republicans spent the week in a frenzy over "The Cat in the Hat" while Democrats ensured another round of stimulus checks reaches Americans, she said.
The Texas Republican is fundraising by charging $60 for the “cancel culture collectible."
The #CancelTheGOP spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch ends with a Dr. Seuss-style ding of Republicans.
The Ohio Democrat implored Republicans to stop with the culture war and "start working with us" to pass legislation to help Americans.
As Americans wait on vaccinations and COVID-19 relief, the top House Republican mocked liberals with a reading of "Green Eggs and Ham."
Conservatives just want to keep their "children’s books offensive," cracked "The Tonight Show" comedian.
"So what's the point? Forgive me if I am confused."
The Dr. Seuss debacle is a case study in the right-wing grievance industry reframing normal, age-old processes as sinister suppression.