Drew Barrymore

The daughter of Michael Jackson promotes her role in the "Scream: Resurrection" miniseries with a nod to the petrifying past.
Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore came out to support their co-star nearly 20 years after the original movie.
The line features 200 items with prices ranging from $18 to $899.
Barack Obama's former photographer shared an old image of Barrymore and Reagan to Instagram.
The actress has gone through many fashion phases over the years.
Her description of trips with kids is spot-on.
“One minute you’re Queen, and the next minute you’re Pavarotti," judge Drew Barrymore said of Dimash Kudaibergen.
The actress gets real about her "addictive personality" in the new issue of Glamour UK.
The actress got dolled up and then got real in two separate photos for a social media project.
A viral, bizarre interview with Drew Barrymore in an Egyptair magazine was too ridiculous for people to believe, and the actress’ reps are saying that she didn’t even participate in the interview.
Barrymore's rep told HuffPost the actress did not participate in an interview with the airline's magazine, Horus.
The actress reminisced to Jimmy Kimmel about her "exciting moment" giving Diana an "E.T." doll.
The "Ocean's 8" star delivered in imitating Drew Barrymore and a dolphin.
The reality star shared a few hella tight photos of her Drew Barrymore, “Clueless” and grunge-inspired styles from back in the day.