Drew Barrymore

The talk show host said she “had to talk about” Andrew and Kristy Mackenzie, who fell in love — again — after one lost their memory from an accident.
"I thought, ‘This isn’t right. I don’t understand what this is,’" Shields recalled of the interview 41 years ago.
The Food Network star admitted her husband’s steamy texts sometimes “go astray.”
Barrymore’s remarks come as she’s set to use her talk show to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic '80s movie.
The lifestyle doyenne uttered a double entendre about the former "Saturday Night Live" star that perked up the host.
“For the record, I do not hate sex!" Barrymore wrote in a blog post.
It includes an expandable electric skillet and a portable blender that will actually fit in small kitchens.
The “Never Been Kissed” actor’s confession comes just one month after Andrew Garfield revealed he cut out sex for his role in “Silence.”
"I have to talk to her. I want to heal this moment," said Barrymore after learning who was behind the threats.
The host of "The Drew Barrymore Show" said it felt great to champion her ex: "It’s so respecting of what once was."