Dwayne Johnson

The "Jungle Cruise" costars shared a sweet moment after Blunt cheekily crashed Johnson’s red carpet interview.
He promised the monsters in his upcoming action movie "Red One" will be "quite spectacular."
The actor gushed about the “full circle moment” on social media.
The host teased that he did his “research” on this year’s nominees before the show to find out who to match up.
"Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night," the actor wrote.
Rep. Drew Ferguson never changed his old address to his new home as state law requires before voting in this year’s primary, general election and U.S. Senate runoff.
The actor said he was finally able to "right this wrong" decades later.
It came down to another TV host, a movie star, and an intimidating congratulations from former winner The Rock.
The Dwayne Johnson-fronted DC superhero film topped the box office for the third straight weekend.