Dwayne Johnson

The Rock delivered a surprise commencement address after receiving a letter that “knocked me off my feet.”
The United States is "down on its knees, begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain," The Rock said in a new Instagram video.
The Rock demanded “HUMANITY code" for police officers in a passionate Instagram post lamenting Floyd's treatment by Minneapolis police.
The former Cleveland Browns star, who weighed more than 300 pounds in his playing days, showed off his strength and agility on The Rock's NBC show.
Carol Propst is a big fan of the actor and, after a social media campaign by friends and students, got a video tribute from him.
“He leaves the room and he never comes back," the "Deadpool" star told "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon.
The Rock posted a sweet video of himself singing along to the song "You're Welcome" as his toddler danced along.
The action star raps his "Moana" song as he teaches Tia to wash her hands.
"That ain’t just French toast that’s Europe toast," one viewer wrote of the action star's cheat-meal.
"Carry our family name proudly, but your road will always be yours to create, earn & own," the "Jumanji" actor said on Instagram.