Emilia Clarke

The crew assembled at the 2019 Emmy Awards and gave us a joyous parting gift.
The "Game of Thrones" star "was robbed," several people complained on Twitter.
She'll star alongside “Straight Outta Compton” actor Corey Hawkins in new series "Survive."
The "Game of Thrones" star shares the screen with Henry Golding in the upcoming holiday flick.
Clarke shared a photo of the scene on Instagram and admitted: "We hardly put up a fight."
The trailer for the romantic comedy also features Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh of "Crazy Rich Asians."
The newly released script puts to rest some of the speculation surrounding the final season of HBO's epic fantasy drama.
The "thank u, next" singer responded to the figure with just four words.
The HBO documentary "The Last Watch" gave fans an inside look at the cast reading the scripts from the final season and reacting to that big Daenerys-Jon Snow moment.
The “Game of Thrones” star passed on the opportunity to play Anastasia Steele because of the way many people responded to Daenerys Targaryen.
Lena Headey, whose portrayal of Cersei Lannister has been heralded year after year, was given little to work with in the final stretch.
The British actress went to great lengths to nail Daenerys Targaryen's address.
Everyone’s talking about the coffee cup and water bottle, but eagle-eyed fans are having a hard time dismissing this glaring mistake.
The actress was terrified when her idol, Queen B, told her that she was a fan of Daenerys Targaryen.
After eight seasons, Winter is finally over.
Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, John Bradley, and more shared memories on set, their love for the show, and more on social media ahead of Sunday night's episode.
Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams also shared with People magazine what they took from the HBO set after filming ended.
The actress posted about how she dealt with filming and watching Daenerys Targaryen in Season 8, Episode 5’s “The Bells.”
A 2018 interview where the actress seemed uncomfortable with her character’s final arc is now making the rounds.
Beyoncé and "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke received a warm welcome at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.