Emily Blunt

The veteran actor shared a Thanksgiving photo and viral TikTok video about the pair's family connection.
Rogers, 27, whose bold purple ensemble was chosen by Vice President Kamala Harris for her inauguration, won for womenswear.
The "Quiet Place" star joked that serving the Barefoot Contessa's “oniony, garlicky” recipe to Krasinski was "all it took" for the "Office" actor to propose.
The Rock reveals why he doesn't have a six-pack.
The Disney film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt exceeded expectations with a $90 million debut in theaters and streaming.
Fans had long hoped that Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski, would be cast in Marvel's upcoming "Fantastic Four" film.
The actor is looking back on her wedding to John Krasinski as they approach their 10th anniversary.
The two showed in a "Late Late Show" friendship trivia game that love hurts -- even the platonic kind.
The pair explained at the film's premiere in New York why they made Millicent Simmonds the lead. And by the way, the opening scene is "undeniably great."
The actor put her own spin on Coldplay's "In My Place" to say sorry to the band's frontman on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."