Emily Blunt

The family’s outing comes nearly two months after Blunt announced her plan to take a break from acting.
The "Oppenheimer" star is totally fine with kissing and telling about his past work.
“He declined every dinner invitation for the entire film,” said Matt Damon.
Everyone needs this kind of friend standing next to them on the red carpet.
The "Oppenheimer" star said she is “very prone to guilt" when she is away from her children.
The beloved curmudgeon said he had been "jealous" of Streep, prompting a possibly misguided compliment about her acting talent.
The actor, who shares two daughters with husband John Krasinski, has previously said that her children "don’t really want to watch us on screen."
The "Jungle Cruise" costars shared a sweet moment after Blunt cheekily crashed Johnson’s red carpet interview.
The "Quiet Place" star suggested the coat's sentimental value to her and husband John Krasinski prevents her from tossing it from her closet.
The “Edge Of Tomorrow" actor said she laughed at her co-star's crude directive.