Emmy Awards

The late actor’s children announced her death at age 71 after a short battle with cancer.
Emmys Scandals And Shocking Moments That Deserve Their Own Award
The award-winning pair have something in common — they both previously took on the role of Deena Jones in “Dreamgirls.”
The “Abbott Elementary” star got her “sorry” from Jimmy Kimmel after his comedy bit interrupted her Emmys acceptance speech.
Brunson also got a little payback during Kimmel's opening monologue.
The “Abbott Elementary” star had a message for Kimmel after he crashed Quinta Brunson’s acceptance speech.
"I swear to God this happened," Kimmel said, and he offered up a photo as proof.
The television awards ceremony lost roughly 1.5 million viewers compared to its 2021 program.
The "Abbott Elementary" creator appeared to get even with the comedian after his ill-conceived skit drew attention away from her historic win.
The “Abbott Elementary” star explained why walking his co-star to the Emmys stage was one of the “greatest honors” of his career.