Weird News
The new paint job appeared after neighbors reported the home was being used for short-term rentals.
The Unko — or “Poop” — Museum in Japan makes doo-doo look adorable.
Weird News
The woman wanted to keep her identity secret to avoid being targeted.
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Climate Change-Themed Emoji
"...At least focus on the ones that are relevant to the Trump White House."
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While other networks had wall-to-wall coverage of the federal indictments stemming from the Russia probe, Fox News covered other “news.”
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Emoji may have a chance at comfortable feet thanks to this woman’s proposal.
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The latest emoji are coming to your phone, bringing diverse characters with gender-neutral characters, mythical beings, and potty-mouthed smileys.
A few states are most into eggplants.🍆 🍆 🍆
"A lot of people will 💀 because of your 💊💉 plan 👻"
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