The iconic singer hit the stage to perform a special version of “Glamorous,” the sample from Harlow’s “First Class” track.
The Duchess of York added that the queen "has been more of a mother to me than my mother."
The Duchess of York also continued to defend her ex-husband over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein in a new interview with the Financial Times.
Sarah Ferguson clarified that her son-in-law was "doing his job" for the tequila brand Casamigos while on a yacht in Capri, Italy.
The Duchess of York has defended her ex-husband amid the allegations of rape before.
"Last night I pooped out glass and then I done fell down" go the tweaked lyrics of her NBA All-Star Game performance.
The singer's statement comes after widespread malaise toward her Fergalicious rendition of the song.
The TV star's 1990 version just might have been replaced as the all-time worst.
She attempted to put a jazz spin on "The Star-Spangled Banner."