The writer, star and director of A24's "Problemista" drew from his own life for the surreal movie.
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Joel Souza never filed a complaint but was called to testify as prosecutors pursue charges against movie weapons supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.
"The Bear" and "Oppenheimer" were both big winners at Saturday's show.
The atomic bomb epic won big during the British Academy Film Awards on Sunday.
Special prosecutors brought the case before a grand jury in Santa Fe this week, months after receiving a new analysis of the gun that was used.
Wilkinson was nominated for a best actor Academy Award for his work in 2001's “In The Bedroom” in 2001 and in the best supporting actor category for his role in “Michael Clayton."
“I wanted to emulate the sweet-faced Black girl with braids like mine, who dared to disrupt the internalized messages of self-doubt.”
"I learned more about the real Leonard Bernstein in one afternoon ... than I learned from seeing 'Maestro.'"
Todd Haynes' new film, starring Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman, makes an effort to distance itself from the Letourneau case.