Fine Art

Tila Studios is helping black women artists gain access to places where they've historically been shut out.
Abstract artist, Bethany Brooke, is a Connecticut-based mother of 3, whose mission as an artist not only centers around her
All images courtesy of Spar Street. "Some art is a direct connection to the divine, and allows us direct access to feeling
An artist unabashed by color, audacious when it comes to the shifting of material and space, Margalit Romano is a passionate painter and mixed media artist who reshaped a therapeutic hobby into a career of commercial and interior commissions.
It takes someone with long experience inside the art world to attract such artists, their patrons and host popular arts events.
Photo credit: Monique Carboni. Images courtesy of Amanda Dow Thompson. "I identify with the twisting, stretching, spinning
Delightfully strange and elegantly mysterious, the work of Christophe Piallat sucks you into another world.
We do not need any special power to experience extraordinary things when there are artists conveying notions of all intangible fields, both in visuals and messages. The work of Canadian abstract artist, Blu Smith, is at first, an invitation to the phenomenal. And then, as the audience, you are there.
"I want to portray empowered females with influence of mythology, history and contemporary times," Rapp explains. "Kind of like an underlying Venus in each piece. Strong and full of stories."
This was important information I was disseminating, linking what my students were painting to the greatest art of the last 3,000 years of Western civilization. And it just gets cut?! Excuse me?!