Frankie Muniz

"I know this sounds ridiculous, but I swear it's true," the "Malcolm in the Middle" actor wrote.
The actor opened up about his health battle on "Dancing with the Stars."
"The fact that we are all walking away is a testament to the safety of these Toyota Race cars," Flanery told me. "It was
One day we'll all be dead. And in heaven, everyone has a shitload of money. But for now, it's important that rich people acknowledge their mental deficiency. It will make the rest of our lives much easier. Or maybe Donald Trump is just naturally dumb?
Amid the drama surrounding Sterling, Muniz took to Facebook, getting all sentimental in a new post about his love for the
Nearly one year ago, "Malcolm in the Middle" star Frankie Muniz announced to his Twitter followers he had suffered a mini
Frankie Muniz was in the middle during his tenure on "Malcolm in the Middle" (he played Malcolm), but he's picked a side
Does the song "Supernova Girl" ring a bell? Do movies about boys turning into leprechauns and mermen sound vaguely familiar
Frankie Muniz went to Twitter this morning to see if his fans had any questions for him. They did! Out of the generous list
Frankie Muniz is 27 years old right now, but that's not the real story. Much like dogs age seven times faster than humans