Frozen Planet

Entre lo que muestra la serie, y que nunca antes de había documentado, está el nacimiento de un iceberg que llega a medir
But there was one thing missing from the final installment of Frozen Planet: in 45 minutes, not a word was uttered about why all that Arctic ice is melting. Discovery has admitted to wanting to avoid criticism from climate change deniers.
The struggle to overcome one's doubts, fears, and family's expectations is a theme that ran deep through three short films recently screened at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.
Discovery's "Frozen Planet" series has captivated us with its unbelievable facts, wildlife stories that range from the sweet
Check out the clip of the rocketing birds above and the video of the passenger-penguins below: "The males have been caring
Check out another clip from Discovery's "Frozen Planet" below, and scroll down to watch the "icy finger of death." Have you
As the baby polar bears gambolled on the ice, any seals lurking underneath would have instantly detected their vibrations
Discovery unveils its new seven-part series "Frozen Planet," from the makers of "Planet Earth" on Sunday, March 18. Narrated
The vision of a hapless seal being shaken off an ice floe by a school of hungry Orca whales is chilling. Or a pack of arctic wolves strategizing, isolating a bison, or a penguin becoming some creature's Happy Meal. And that's just above the sea's surface.
Whatever the outcome, taking the chase to land was probably a good idea. "I would guess about 95 percent of penguins that