Funny Tweets

"I had no plans today. My wife found out and boy did I have a lot of plans today I didn't know about."
“Dogs be like ‘yeah I got faux pas.’”
"hell hath no fury like a toddler who lost the chance to push a button"
"Me, calling my wife 1 day into her 2-week business trip: Do I like soup?"
"A fly in the apartment is more valuable than the most expensive cat toy."
"Been telling people 'sorry he’s really drunk' when my kid acts like an a**hole in public and everyone hates it"
"Flight delayed due to a bird strike. Not totally sure if that means they pooped on the windshield, flew into the engine, or are picketing on the runway."
"cats are so funny because like okay we get it you’re an apex predator but also you’re just a little baby"
"Parenting is sneaking in to kiss your kids when they’re asleep, and sneaking out to curse when they’re awake"