Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested in connection with the string of crimes on Tuesday.
Accepting that I wasn’t a Garcia felt dangerously close to abandoning my identity.
I wasn't prepared for a whole range of new emotions too complex to fit in a pie chart.
Sales of the DNA kit increased by 700 percent in just one day.
I took a step toward reconciliation after learning about the violence inflicted upon my ancestors.
"So in many ways, Steve Bannon's great-grandfather was a Dreamer."
DNA companies promote their tests as the end of discrimination. That's not what's happening.
Immigration is a personal matter for me, as it is for many Americans. Unless you are a Native American descendant of the
I do not celebrate Thomas Jefferson or Sally Hemings. I celebrate opportunities where I can overcome the flaws in my family tree and embrace the greatness of my inheritance.
By speaking frankly about my mental illness I’m not betraying my Vietnamese heritage or culture.
I benefit from an inheritance that has provided me with a level of comfort, access and power directly tied to our whiteness.
The officer claims his colleagues began to make derogatory comments and jokes after he told them of his DNA results.