Generation Gap

The actor asked the deciding question between Bobbe, 87, and Asiyah, 15, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
I remember the night I took up the offering in my dad's church wearing a midriff shirt with hip-hugger pants. Despite this being the 1970s in California, several older women in the church were traumatized by the event.
Two of my neighbors died within the last year: the husband of one couple and the wife of another. No, this is not a fairytale about the remaining survivors forming a new union. (Ironically, they all knew one another well and shared a mutual loathing.)
Life's greatest secret was randomly dropped in my lap and left for me to process as a young teenager. Was it respect? Was my grandma wanting me to honor my elders?
We're pretty sure dating was never like this back in the day.
There’s been a lot of polling on the topic lately.
I am a writer. Writers love invisibility. In fact, most creative people thrive on it -- and isolation. So last year when, at the urging of a young friend, I chose more visibility and found myself at a marketing event, surrounded by hundreds of Millennials, I felt as though I had been ripped out of my comfy womb.
Lack Of Interest In Their Learning. When I was growing up, my parents worked with me on the things I was having trouble with
Many of our friends, parents of 20-somethings, have pronounced their progeny as selfish and entitled. Criticism of the millennials has also been echoed in a number of disparaging articles and blogs, pointing out their lack of professionalism in the workplace and extremely high turnover rates.
It has finally happened. You are adrift. A raft of badly lashed-together memories and a few fairly buoyant facts: That watercraft is you. But thanks to an article in The Brown Daily Herald, the Ivy League university's student paper, you are listing badly. You are at sea.
Something interesting has emerged in voting patterns on both sides of the Atlantic: Young people are voting in ways that are markedly different from their elders. A great divide appears to have opened up, based not so much on income, education or gender as on the voters' generation.
It's easy to write off workplace conflicts as age discrimination, but older workers often hurt themselves.
Not for reasons you might think, however. It has very little to do with looks or health, and more to do with disappearing from the current media radar--vanishing entirely from the advertisers' landscape soon.
I know some people who would break their expensive cellphone, tell their parents, and then they'd suddenly have a new one
Age is nothing but a number to these intergenerational friends.
I heard screaming from the basement. Moms have a "scream gauge." We know when the scream is a benign scream (472 times in a day) or when it is a "drop everything and run" scream. In my panic and rush to get to them, I fell down the last few steps.