Generation Z

Younger people may think the text “OK” (or worse, “K”) is a sign you’re angry with them, for example.
“I have just collapsed into dust,” one Twitter user said of contestant Audrey Satchivi’s remarks.
This class of actors age 26 and under is displaying and portraying the breadth, talent and experiences of Black youth on- and off-screen.
Maxwell Frost said he lost the apartment and the application fee due to his bad credit rating.
For the third consecutive election, a wave of young voters lifted liberal candidates.
“For those of you who are just turning 18 ... I was the 44th president of the United States, and I have the best jump shot in White House history," he joked.
"We’ve tried looking at younger people in the past," said Michael G. Wilson. "But trying to visualize it doesn’t work. Remember, Bond’s ... had some experience."
Members of the group Voters of Tomorrow said they hadn't decided whether to press charges against the extremist GOP lawmaker.
The Colombian-American author's new book "Lightlark" was rejected numerous times — until she went directly to her readers for support.
The Queen of Tejano music inspires reverence among Latinx fans who weren't even alive when she was. Here's how her legacy continues to resonate 27 years after her death.