George Clooney

A Liam Neeson action movie from 2011 is the most popular film on Netflix.
"This thought where everybody is like, 'Well, it's my freedom.' It's like, that's not how this s**t works, dumbass," the actor said.
The actor has previously admitted he thought he "destroyed the franchise" when the 1997 film came out.
George and Amal Clooney share 3-year-old twins named Alexander and Ella.
The actor asked the deciding question between Bobbe, 87, and Asiyah, 15, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
“It comes with a vacuum cleaner and the clippers,” the director said with a huge grin on his face. “Yeah ― I still have it.”
"I was on the ground. I was really screaming. Like, really screaming," the actor told GQ.
The actor told GQ that he enlisted the help of "a couple of security guys that were s***ting themselves" to get all $14 million in cash.
Netflix added the film "Loving" and the documentary "Whose Streets?" this week.