George Lucas

The iconic filmmaker had some bad feelings about Disney's "Star Wars" plans.
Two decades later, Episode I is still a driving Force behind the blockbusters and overzealous fandoms of today.
The "Star Wars" creator's sage words also guided Favreau's direction of "The Lion King."
The actor apparently told the idea to creator George Lucas, who promptly rejected it.
The director's plans for Episodes VII through IX would have involved everyone's favorites, the midi-chlorians.
Things could have been very different going into "Episode IX."
Ernie Fosselius, the creator of the 1978 short film "Hardware Wars," has been holding onto a grudge for decades. He finally wants to iron some things out.
“It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah” – Leonard Cohen I had never seen the actual painting, just poor, darkened reproductions
The news comes after Lucasfilm parted ways with the original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller.
On May 25, 1977, "Star Wars" blasted into movie theaters across the U.S. 40 years later, George Lucas' masterpiece has spawned several films, video games, and even television series. In honor of the franchise's 40th anniversary, here are 40 facts about everyone's favorite galaxy far, far away.
It’s May the 4th, which means it’s time to celebrate Star Wars Day. While we’re eagerly awaiting the next Episode 8 trailer