Gilmore Girls

The "Gilmore Girls" star remembered the witty card the "Friends" star included as well.
"The conflicts in 'Bridgerton' wouldn’t exist if the leads had a two-minute, honest conversation with one another."
The actor, who played Jess Mariano on the beloved show, recently married a Hawaiian model... named Jarah Mariano.
The curmudgeonly diner owner has apparently taken his marriage to a whole other level.
The actor revealed the information after she was asked if she ever dated Scott Patterson — who played Luke, her central love interest, on the show.
The "Gilmore Girls" alum also said he barely gets any residuals from the WB series, even though it's a hit on Netflix.
"You really need to rethink how you do business," Gunn said as Hollywood performers and writers strike for better working conditions.
The “Little Mermaid” star revealed “someone passed out” once due to an ongoing issue on set.
The "This Is Us" actor ratted on his own "mischief"-making from his "Gilmore Girls" days.