The straight, cisgender actor talked about his connection to the LGBTQ community during last weekend's Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.
The top choice, according to nearly 30,000 Ranker voters, makes complete sense. But people were confounded about some other results.
Despite her doubts, the "Wicked" and "Frozen" actor said she "sucked it up" -- and delivered some iconic musical moments in the process.
"We miss you every day and will never forget the light you to brought to us all," Michele wrote of her former boyfriend and "Glee" co-star, who died in 2013.
The "Glee" star gave an update on her toddler, who was hospitalized last month for a "scary health issue."
McHale, a nondisabled actor, played a character who used a wheelchair as a result of a car wreck in the Fox series.
In hindsight, Ryan Murphy feels the show should have taken a different approach in honoring Monteith, who died in 2013 at age 31.
The “Glee” actor had a chilly response when asked if he was planning to catch his former co-star in her dream Broadway role this fall.
The actor is attempting to clear the air ahead of her debut in Broadway's "Funny Girl."