Let’s take a look back at Cardi B’s fairy-tale rise to fame.
Kelly’s attorneys claimed that the 55-year-old Kelly was placed on suicide watch last week as a form of punishment after a judge sentenced him to 30 years behind bars.
A longtime fan has donated his collection of all things related to the band — including CDs, ticket stubs, an autographed guitar and T-shirts — to the school where the band formed in 1986.
At age 18, Billie Eilish is now the youngest artist to be chosen to record the theme song for the newest James Bond film.
“Wouldn’t it be nice if people would not be rewarded for bad behavior?" asked Julia Wolov, one of five women who have accused the comedian of sexual misconduct.
The model was quick to correct reports that surfaced shortly after she attended the 2022 Grammy Awards alongside her husband, Justin Bieber.
After Barker’s Grammys performance, the couple were reportedly wedded at 1:45 a.m. by an Elvis impersonator.
The singer picked up three awards at the ceremony and promptly dropped one of them.
The Grammy Awards red carpet brought out the best of the music world.
The rapper and singer was seen adjusting the front of her gown after she and SZA won for their smash single, "Kiss Me More."