With husband Barry Mann, the Grammy-winning lyricist wrote classics like "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling," "On Broadway," and dozens of other hits.
Reina Lafantaisie, who deems herself the "Grammy Granny," documented her sweet backstage moment with Styles in an Instagram video.
The celebrity couple's exchange at the recent award ceremony spurred speculation that the two were having a spat.
“Everything Everywhere All At Once” editor Paul Rogers put his own spin on the British pop singer's controversial Grammys speech.
The chart-topping rapper sang his hits with James Corden and got the host choked up in the wrestling ring.
"Look how cute i am now," the Queen of Pop quipped on Twitter Monday while sharing a new photo of herself.
"We know what the deal is," the legendary director said about the singer's loss.
The “As It Was” singer seemed to deploy a little damage control during a BRIT Awards acceptance speech.
David Jude Jolicoeur, known widely as Trugoy the Dove and one of the founding members of the Long Island hip-hop trio De La Soul, has died.
“I legitimately was so drunk," the singer said, revealing that she took some tequila and white wine to the ceremony.