Halle Berry

The Oscar winner recently resurfaced an interview where she discussed her reaction to hearing her name referenced in songs.
The Oscar-winning actor arrived to the ceremony with a bang.
The Oscar-winning actor said on Friday that "it’s ridiculous this type of nonsense is still being broadcasted across airwaves."
The Oscar-winning actor started a chat about relationships on Instagram -- and clapped back at the negativity.
The "John Wick" star wrote that the talented actor was, as a Black woman, "often underrated, passed over — deprived of the platform she truly deserved."
Co-star Halle Berry tweeted she was “in total shock… completely heartbroken.”
The Oscar winner directs and stars in "Bruised," about a disgraced MMA fighter getting back in the ring.
The "Monster's Ball" star lamented to Variety that she remains the only Black woman to win the Best Actress Academy Award.